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Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are the first step in preventing or detecting illness and should be performed annually.


Vaccinations play an important role in preventing disease. We recognize every pet is different and may not require certain vaccines. Rabies is required by Texas State Law.

Diagnostic Testing

We utilize state of the art diagnostic testing to assist in determining your pet’s medical condition. We have in house laboratory and use Idexx reference laboratory for more extensive diagnostics.


Micro chipping can help reunite you with a lost pet.
Save This Life’s microchips are readable by universal scanners, searchable in Google, and are ISO compliant.

Spays and Neuters

Sterilization of pets that are not intended for breeding prevents unwanted litters, reproductive cancers, uterine and prostate infections, and is overall healthier for the life of your pet.

General Surgery

Town and Country Pet Hospital can perform a wide variety of general surgical procedures on cats and dogs.

Emergency Care

We are able to attend to cat and dog emergencies during normal operating hours. We work with Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency care for critical cases. There are multiple after hour emergency clinics we recommend.

Radiology (X-rays)

Town and Country Pet Hospital is pleased to offer digital radiology. Digital images are quick to produce, are more detailed than traditional x-rays, and easily transmitted to a board certified radiologist.

Ultrasonography (Sonogram)

Ultrasound is an efficient, non –invasive procedure. We work with a board certified radiologist that can perform and read ultrasounds on site.

Cardiology (Heart)

There are many diagnostic tools we use to identify heart disease such as ECG (electrocardiograms), radiographs, and echocardiograms (ultrasound).

Opthalmology (Eyes)

We use a variety of tests such as tonometry, Schirmir tear, and fluorescein stain when diagnosing eye problems.

Oral Health/Dentistry

Basic oral exams are performed at every wellness visit. Dental cleanings and procedures are scheduled based on doctor recommendations. All dental procedures include a thorough oral exam, charting, IV catheterization, IV fluids, anesthesia, and monitoring, ultrasonic scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment. Digital dental radiology is also available.


Sometimes hospitalization is needed for proper treatment of your pet. This can include general observation, medication administration, fluid therapy, etc.


We offer grooming services for our clients. General bathing to full grooms are generally done Mon-Fri by appointment only.